Friday, August 19, 2011

Mesmerized By Mr. Porter!

I was in a bead shop when a gentleman walked in and he wanted to recreate a bracelet that he saw on a website called Mr. Porter which offers men's clothing, accessories, style tips, and more.  This man pulled up the Mr. Porter. website on his iPad. I took a peek; I  was sort of mesmerized. The site was very clean, smooth, and I really liked the overall style. I found myself  regularly checking out the site and really enjoying what I was seeing. And not only did I enjoy browsing the site but I also liked reading some of the articles and interviews. And please note that I (sadly) do not generally pay much attention to men's websites (or fashion, accessories, products, etc...) so I don't have many references to compare. I just know that I like this site and it has given me the gentle push I needed to check out what guys are up to when it comes to fashion and accessories. Especially since I am being constantly asked when I will start making men's jewelry.  Oh, and the answer to that men's jewelry question is soon. Stay tuned!