Friday, October 30, 2009

My First Volume Order! Yay!

I made these earrings a least a month ago. However, I didn't get around to listing them on Etsy until last week. And soon after I listed them I had someone contact me about possibly buying several pair of the them for their bridesmaids. The buyer also wanted to know if I would offer a discount if they bought several pair. So of course I said of course-especially since I had only 4 lonely sales. Lol. I'm still trying to make it to 10 sales. Anyway, the customer paid for the earrings and now it's time for me to start making them. Needless to say I'm pretty exicted about this sale and hoping to get another one soon. Please visit my shop at

Simulated Chalcedony earrings

Simulated Chalcedony & Gold Filled Earrings

Simulated Chalcedony & Gold Filled Earrings

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  1. That's exciting Jas...congratulations!! They are very cute. I made a similar pair last year out of Amethyst, and the woman loved them..I'm not surprised the bride wanted them for her maids...way to go!!