Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hooked On Kaboodle!!!

I recently signed up on Kaboodle which is sort of a social networking site but the main purpose of this site is to connect shoppers. You can make up all sorts of lists like wish lists, or lists of things you already love, or things you would buy if you were rich. Plus, you can create style boards on which you can put together different looks, outfits, or really whatever you want. One of the great features of Kaboodle is the Kaboodle button which you can add to your bookmark toolbar. This button allows you to add virtually any product from any website to your Kaboodle page. And you can import your Amazon.com wishlist. You can also connect with new friends and help them (as they help you) decide on purchases.

When I signed up on Kaboodle it was on a whim but I was on Etsy on which I have a shop and one of the members mentioned Kaboodle as a way to promote your Etsy shop. So I got on Kaboodle and started adding lists of my favorite products, wish list products and the items I have on my etsy shop. The more I added products and made lists, the more hooked I became. I guess I find it appealing because it is sort of an escape. And since I can't afford to really shop right now, this acts as a window shopping outlet. And it also kind of acts as a database of all the things I want, love, and am interested in.