Thursday, January 16, 2014

Featured On Etsy Finds!

Yesterday, I woke up to a few Etsy sales. Then I looked on the Esty app and noticed an unusual amount of views for my shop and a couple items. Way more than I usually get in a day, week even. Then I got an email from  Etsy that said one of my items (Small Brass Hoops) was popular because it was getting so many views. The email mentioned that maybe my earrings were featured on Etsy or somewhere else. So I did some research.

Checked the front page - nothing there. Did some searches online, twitter, instagram, pinterest, and there was nothing. Analytics only led me to Etsy's homepage. I had no idea where the traffic was coming from. So, I asked a few of the customers how they found me.  Two people responded and told me I was in the Etsy Finds email. OMG. WHAT?

Yep! I was featured in a daily email that Etsy sends out to it's gazillion subscribers. And guess what? I wasn't a subscriber so I missed it *womp*. I couldn't find a link or anything that would lead me to this feature. I thought maybe they had archives but there were none. So today, I asked around on social media and someone came through with a link. YAY. I got to see it and was so excited. Here it is and my earrings are under the title 'May The Circle Be Unbroken.' Woot! Now off to do some hammering!
And below is just a screen shot I did a lil tinkering to.