Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wishlist: Love and Toast

I was walking around Whole Foods a couple weeks ago when I came across a small display of products and two representatives from body care line called Love and Toast. The reps were very nice and seemed really excited about the brand. They told me all about the  product line which included a body butter, hand cream,and a roller ball and spray perfume. I tested a few of the products and I thought they were fab. The packaging was super cute and appealing to me. And I thought the fragrances were quite nice. I must also mention that the price points were very reasonable.

I was so tempted to purchase a few of their products but I was already over my grocery shopping budget for that day.  I walked away with only a pamphlet and a sample of their wonderful Sugar Grapefruit Hand Cream. Since then, I've checked out their website a few times and I think I want one of everything. I will definitely be making a couple of purchases really soon and I'll let you all  know what I got.

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image source: loveandtoast.com